Things to know when learning to draw.

The problem when starting out trying to find your way around learning to draw is without doubt a difficult one. It seems to me that the biggest problem for individuals at the start is doing to much drawing in one location of their drawing. This is frequently due to the fact that they do not contrast what they are doing with what they are drawing from by standing back to take a good look at both drawing and subject from a distance, they end up focusing too much attention in one location. image

The very best method is to do a little bit then have a look and compare it with other locations in the drawing as well as making a comparison with what they are copying from. When you are not copying from something it is even more of a task and difficult because there is nothing to inform what you are doing. So it is always best to start out by copying from pictures because it educates you more easily and helps to establishes your visual memory. This is vital when doing a task based on seeing.

If you have nothing to contrast your drawing with you are just drawing from an imagination that is not informed so making your job much more challenging. You have to keep making these comparisons with something in the beginning because your visual memory has not developed well enough to be informed by anything other than a basic imagination.


This comparison is best achieved by learning to look from top to bottom, side to side in straight lines, contrasting exactly what you see with where you see it along your lines of vision. The best practice is more looking with less drawing I think and is the best procedure to follow however challenging it might seem to novices because it enables you to discipline yourself to do it.

Eventually this procedure will enable you to draw by just looking at things from your imagination or real life after you have had much practice doing it. So it is best to take your time, slow down ensuring you are making the right marks in the right places by looking and contrasting constantly, even double checking what you have been doing.

Draw lightly and develop the drawing in layers by gradually working from the lightest tone to the darkest. Don’t try to complete a drawing quickly all in one go when you are starting out as this will make you develop bad habits that will be more difficult to undo than not doing them in the first place.

Always keep slowing yourself down, I understand we are all delighted about coming to the end of a drawing outcome quickly, however there is no race to be won. The truth is the more drawing you do the quicker you will get anyway but if you hurry and push yourself too much you do make stupid blunders, as all of us do when rushing.

It is always best to draw lightly then taking a look at what you have drawn contrasting it with other areas to see that it is right. You can remove any mistakes you find more easily, especially if they have actually been drawn lightly. Make your lines too dark and it will always be harder to remove them if they are wrong.

Also it is safe to say that you will get them wrong even if you follow along with what I am saying because you are a beginner with little practice. I have been drawing well for 40 years and I still get things wrong, so will you. If you make your lines too dark it is harder too remove them later if you need to.

If after removing them they are still visible it will cause you further problems because they will distract your eyes when trying to draw them in the right place and you will have made grooves in your paper through pressing too hard on your pencil when drawing them. These grooves will make it much more difficult to get the lines right because you will keep slipping into them when you try to redraw the lines correctly.


You will also damage the paper so that when you try to draw an even tone over the top it will come out uneven with some areas darker than others and you will never really be able to correct this. So eventually your drawing will be ruined or at the very least not as good as you would like it. If you discover this taking place then it is best to simply start all over once more because it simply gets harder, the more time you put into it and ends up being a waste of your time.

Don’t waste your time just take it more slowly as it will pay off in the long run.

Really “It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.” Confucius. 

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